Services and Specialties

Behavioral Health Center

Referrals and Admission

Now there's a place to help people in crisis heal with compassion, comfort and advanced care. Pathways for admission to the Behavioral Health Center are initiated through the Self Access referral service, or the Self Regional Emergency Care Center.

Individuals in need of inpatient mental health services are encouraged to reach out to their primary care providers or mental health professionals for support during the referral process. Medical and behavioral health professionals may make referrals for direct admission through Self Access. Specially trained Registered Nurses take your physician's calls and facilitate a consult with a Behavioral Health Professional.

Self Access Phone Numbers:
(864) 725-4DOC or (864) 725-4362
1-855-725-4362 toll free

Emergency and crisis situations may be admitted through the Self Regional Emergency Care Center.  When care is accessed through the Emergency Care Center treatment begins with an evaluation by a Behavioral Health Assessment Team (BHAT) professional to determine an appropriate and safe intervention and plan.  Our behavioral health assessment services are provided as part of medical triage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the Emergency Care Center at Self Regional.

Following the mental health assessment, a plan will be established that may include:

Inpatient Behavioral Health Center

Our new Behavioral Health Center is physically separated into two patient units an adult unit with 16 private patient rooms for persons 18 to 64 years old and a geriatric unit with 15 private patient rooms for persons 65 years old and older.

These units provide acute care to voluntary and involuntary patients in a safe and therapeutic environment. The stabilization of a patient's psychiatric disorder begins with psychiatric and medical evaluations.

Treatments may include medications, patient and family education, individual and group therapies. These serve as the core of the state-of-the-art care we provide. Our goal is to provide stabilization and improvement of a patient's symptoms as quickly as possible.

Our team of licensed psychiatrists, registered nurses, social workers, counselors, behavioral health technicians, and recreational therapists work together to develop and implement an individualized plan of care that may include comprehensive diagnostic intervention, medication, therapy and discharge planning. Optimal outcomes can be achieved by using patient-centered care and patient family involvement.


Adult Behavioral Unit

We have 16 private patient rooms for male and female adults between the ages of 18 years and 64 (for voluntary and involuntary evaluation and treatment).


Geriatric Behavioral Unit