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Neurosurgery Services

Neurological surgery focuses on disorders of the nervous system that can cause anything from severe back pain to brain aneurysms. At Self Regional Healthcare, this delicate microsurgery is in the hands of a program that is rated the best in the state, earning five stars in the 2009 HealthGrades® report.
Self Regional works with local surgeons to offer advanced procedures such as kyphoplasty and image-guided stereotactic surgery.

Neurosugery is often the best weapon to fight disorders of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. You will feel comforted in knowing that Self Regional is among the top 5 percent in the nation when it comes to spinal surgery. The non-fusion back and neck neurosurgery program earned the highest ranking possible from the national, independent organization that rates hospitals nationwide on specific procedures and patient outcomes. Fewer than 15 percent of hospitals merit a five-star rating in a given category.

Non-fusion back and neck neurosurgery requires specialized equipment and highly trained physicians. Spine disorders make up the highest percentage of neurosurgery cases Self Regional sees. Many of the disorders can be treated without surgery, but when pain becomes unbearable or there are general threats to neurological functions, surgery might be the only option.


Kyphoplasty involves minimally invasive spinal surgery where a balloon is used to restore the height and shape of the vertebral body. When the balloon is inflated, it creates a cavity in which bone cement can be placed. Patients with osteoporosis and certain cancers that weaken the bones in the spine and cause them to fracture make up a majority of surgery candidates. In the past, people with severe spine problems were treated with pain medicine, bed rest and braces.

Image-guided stereotactic surgery

Image-guided stereotactic surgery is another advanced procedure performed at Self Regional. It utilizes navigation software and computers in guiding the surgeon’s instruments and enables surgeons to plan in advance for operations at the base of the skull or on the spine. 
Like Kyphoplasty, image-guided stereotactic surgery is minimally invasive and can be a major instrument in the removal of tumors.

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