Services and Specialties

Women's Center

The family-centered care model

Self Regional Healthcare understands that having a child is a family event and not only values the mother, but her loved ones as well. We are committed to a family-centered care model to make sure this special event is magnified in the lives of the entire family. We offer mothers an array of services, including early pregnancy classes, childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes.

But we don’t forget about the rest of the family. We provide unlimited visiting hours, comfortable futon beds for fathers/support person who want to spend the night at the hospital and an in-house Web-based portal where families can announce their new addition and keep in touch with family and friends.

Parents will feel comforted in knowing Self Regional puts the highest priority on safety. We have a state-of-the-art infant security system.

We've gone so far as to establish the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in our area to take care of high-risk deliveries. We've created a comfortable environment where the latest birthing technology is combined with family-focused care in private, home-like suites.

Understanding the total you

It's all about being listened to, understood and nurtured. It's knowing you are receiving expert care, complete with advanced technology. It starts with feeling comfortable in a warm, welcoming environment created with your needs in mind. And it includes having friends and family close by.

It is the ideal experience we are committed to giving every woman who comes to the Women's Center at Self Regional Healthcare. Here at Self, we believe a woman should never have to choose between staying close to home and having the best of care. That's why we've put the finest technology in place to serve those in our seven-county area.

We offer a wide range of gynecological services to help women in every phase of life. In everything we do, we surround women with warmth, kindness and caring, making our Women's Center the preferred choice throughout our region.

Obstetrical care

A hallmark of our family-focused approach to obstetrical services is the single-room maternity concept, where labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum time is spent in one comfortable birthing suite, complete with Jacuzzi®. Tucked away in the homelike décor is crucial high-tech equipment, including a fetal monitoring system connected to our nurses' station. In-room computers let doctors and nurses check records immediately. And you always have the assurance of knowing two state-of-the-art surgical suites stand ready for Cesarean births.

Once your baby is born, we encourage “rooming in” so that the bond between your family and baby can blossom from the very start. A newborn nursery is available should you need it. And, of course, our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers babies very good care. We also are committed to making sure every new baby leaves the hospital in a proper vehicle child restraint system.

Before and after delivery, we offer the education and support that will make the most of this special time. Each step of the way, we invite you to discuss your individual needs and preferences with our staff. We're committed to making your birthing experience everything you want it to be.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Some babies arrive a little too early. Others are born with special needs. For newborns like these, our fully accredited Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is available to help 24 hours a day. Ours is the only Level III NICU in our area. Having it close by means you can choose to stay near family and friends even when your pregnancy entails higher than normal risk. And you can choose Self's NICU with incredible confidence. It has two full-time neonatologists, physicians who specialize in caring for high-risk newborns, as well as neonatal nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists. It is equipped with special monitors and technologies to help our smallest patients not only survive, but thrive. We even have a special neonatal ambulance called “TOTS” to bring critically ill babies from other area hospitals to Self's NICU.

Gynecological services

From all kinds of gynecological procedures and surgeries, Self is here to meet women's comprehensive needs. Our services are given with sensitivity and compassion using the very latest technology and procedures. We have also assembled one of the finest staffs of board-certified OB/GYN physicians in the region.

Educational services

At Self, our commitment to women's health goes beyond providing medical services. It extends to offering crucial health education and support. We feel strongly that women of all ages should have all the information they need about health issues that concern them the most. That's why we have a patient education resource library that's available at no charge. It's also why we offer a wide range of classes and seminars throughout the year. Many are provided free of charge.

Here are some of the programs we regularly offer:

Breast-feeding instruction

Learn everything you need to know to establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with your new baby. This free, information-packed class covers how to get started, returning to school or work, weaning and much more. Classes are from 7-8 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month and from 1-2 p.m. the second Monday of each month. All classes are located in the Women’s Center Library. Free. See our 2016 class schedule, then register online for classes.

A Mother's Touch

Are you planning to breastfeed? At Self Regional Healthcare, we are committed to helping you learn — before and after delivery — how to develop a successful breastfeeding relationship with your new baby. We invite you to discuss your needs and preferences with our staff so we can better assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals. A Mother’s Touch offers a variety of Medela electric breastpumps. All of our products are sold at competitive prices for your benefit.  In addition to breastfeeding supplies, we also rent the Symphony double electric hospital grade breastpumps on a monthly basis.

The store opens only upon request. For appointment and/or pricing information, call: (864) 725-5748 to speak with Elizabeth Gary, RN, BSN, CLC or email her at

"Preparing for Childbirth" Classes

Topics include what to do when you come to the hospital, Labor process, comfort measures/pain management, and newborn care. Classes take place in the hospital's private dining room. View the 2016 class schedule, then register online for your preferred class time. Class fee is $55.

Starting Off Right!

Free “Starting off Right” classes are for anyone 3-6 months pregnant. Issues discussed include anatomy and vocabulary, nutrition, exercising, signs of pre-term labor, routine tests done during pregnancy and questions to ask your doctor. Moms will receive a baby care video, information handout, and information on what topics are taught in childbirth classes. Classes take place in the Self Regional Women's Center Library. Register online for your preferred class time.

Child Passenger Safety Classes - NEW course - FREE!

Four out of every five car seats are used incorrectly in South Carolina. This FREE class will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure your child's safety in a motor vehicle. Specifically, instruction on installing car seats, tips on securing the child into the seat, and information on when to transition to a new car seat will be provided. Classes take place at the Nisbet Center at Self Regional Healthcare. Receive 50% off if you are Medicaid enrolled or take the safety class. If you are both Medicaid enrolled and you take the safety class, car seat is FREE. 

Bereavement support

This service is available for parents who have suffered a fetal loss. In addition, the hospital has pastoral care for spiritual needs.

Comprehensive care for women

You can have every confidence in the care you'll receive at the Women's Center, where we've brought together all the services you're ever likely to need.

We are always here to be of help to you. For information about the Women's Center, call Elizabeth Gary at (864) 725-5748, toll free at (877)-892-0024, or email your question here.